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The Ernest Hemingway Museum



The Ernest Hemingway Museum: His Greatest Story Ernest Hemingway's last book was published in 1964. That's now over 50 years ago. So, how to you get folks picking up his books instead of their iPhone? You show them just how badass he actually was.
We were approached by Ogilvy & Mather Chicago to help with the project, and after realizing just who the campaign was for, we jumped at the offer. Our first step? Research. Hours and hours of reading, flicking and clickingthrough everything Ernest. After all that reading we realised that we'd been dealt the dream brief. The man was a maverick
the artwork started to fall into place. First we decided that we would re-interpret the Art Direction sent by Ogilvy and help the team creating a lovely composition and visual stories in each artwork carving Heming-way's life out of the very thing he built his legacy on. Books. Soon after that we put production into motion. We sketched new artwork, sourced two antique books and shot them before we started developing the scenes in CGI. And the rest, we're afraid, is history. We just wish Ernest were here to see them.

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